Workbook for Saunders Essentials of Medical Assisting book cover

Workbook for Saunders Essentials of Medical Assisting

Test your knowledge and gain confidence in performing medical assisting procedures! Designed to support Klieger’s Saunders Essentials of Medical Assisting, 2nd Edition, this workbook matches the textbook chapter for chapter, and provides a review of terminology and content, plus critical thinking and application exercises. Includes a helpful, all-inclusive appendix!

Paperback, 1128 Pages

Published: October 2009

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-5675-1


  • Section One: Strategies for Success

    1. Successful Learning
    2. Becoming a Professional
    3. Section Two: Foundational Concepts

    4. Diversity in Health Care Delivery
    5. Law and Ethics in Health Care
    6. Understanding Human Behavior
    7. Understanding Patient Behavior
    8. Effective Communication
    9. Communicating with Patients
    10. Nutrition
    11. Understanding Medical Terminology
    12. Section Three: Anatomy and Physiology

    13. Basic Anatomy and Physiology
    14. Cardiovascular System
    15. Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems NEW!
    16. Respiratory System
    17. Digestive System
    18. Nervous System
    19. Sensory System
    20. Skeletal System
    21. Muscular System
    22. Urinary System
    23. Reproductive System
    24. Endocrine System
    25. Integumentary System
    26. Section Four: Administrative Medical Assisting

    27. The Medical Office
    28. Computers in the Medical Office
    29. Medical Office Communication
    30. Medical Records and Chart Documentation
    31. Financial Management
    32. Medical Coding
    33. Medical Insurance
    34. Section Five: Clinical Medical Assisting

    35. Infection Control and Asepsis
    36. Preparing the Examination Room
    37. Body Measurements and Vital Signs
    38. Obtaining the Medical History
    39. Assisting with the Physical Examination
    40. Electrocardiography
    41. Radiography and Diagnostic Testing
    42. Therapeutic Procedures
    43. Specialty Diagnostic Testing
    44. Introduction to the Physician’s Office Laboratory
    45. Phlebotomy NEW!
    46. Laboratory Testing in the Physician's Office
    47. Understanding Medications
    48. Administering Medications
    49. Minor Office Surgery
    50. Basic First Aid and Medical Office Emergencies
    51. Section Six: Employment and Beyond

    52. Beginning Your Job Search



    A. Common Abbreviations and Symbols

    B. Common Prefixes and Suffixes

    C. Common Laboratory Test Values

    D. English-to-Spanish Guide NEW!



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