Workbook for Respiratory Care Anatomy and Physiology book cover

Workbook for Respiratory Care Anatomy and Physiology

Foundations for Clinical Practice

As an adjunct to the text, this workbook helps reinforce essential respiratory care A&P concepts learned in the main text. Various learning activities encourage you to use recall, application, and analysis to develop the necessary critical thinking skills. Exercises include listing, matching, and labeling activities; critical thinking questions; case studies; and key concept questions that provide review and practice for the NBRC credentialing exam.

Paperback, 216 Pages

Published: October 2012

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-08586-1


  • Section I. The Respiratory System

    1. The Airways and Alveoli

    2. The Lungs and Chest Wall

    3. Mechanics of Ventilation

    4. Ventilation

    5. Pulmonary Function Measurements

    6. Pulmonary Blood Flow

    7. Gas Diffusion

    8. Oxygen Equilibrium and Transport

    9. Carbon Dioxide Equilibrium and Transport

    10. Acid-Base Regulation

    11. Control of Ventilation

    12. Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships

    13. Clinical Assessment of Acid-Base and Oxygenation Status

    14. Physiological Basis for Advanced Oxygenation and Lung Protective Strategies

    15. NEW! Physiological Basis for Treating Sleep-Disordered Breathing

    16. Fetal and Newborn Cardiopulmonary Physiology

    Section II: The Cardiovascular System

    17. Functional Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

    18. Cardiac Electrophysiology

    19. The Electrocardiogram and Cardiac Arrhythmias

    20. Control of Cardiac Output and Hemodynamics

    Section III: The Renal System

    21. Filtration, Urine Formation, and Fluid Regulation

    22. Electrolyte and Acid-Base Regulation

    Section IV: Integrated Responses in Exercise and Aging

    23. Cardiopulmonary Response to Exercise in Health and Disease

    24. Effects of Aging on the Cardiopulmonary System


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