Wood-Polymer Composites

Edited by

  • K O Niska, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  • M. Sain, University of Toronto, Canada

Wood-polymer composites (WPC) are materials in which wood is impregnated with monomers that are then polymerised in the wood to tailor the material for special applications. The resulting properties of these materials, from lightness and enhanced mechanical properties to greater sustainability, has meant a growing number of applications in such areas as building, construction and automotive engineering. This important book reviews the manufacture of wood-polymer composites, how their properties can be assessed and improved and their range of uses.

After an introductory chapter, the book reviews key aspects of manufacture, including raw materials, manufacturing technologies and interactions between wood and synthetic polymers. Building on this foundation, the following group of chapters discusses mechanical and other properties such as durability, creep behaviour and processing performance. The book concludes by looking at orientated wood-polymer composites, wood-polymer composite foams, at ways of assessing performance and at the range of current and future applications.

With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Wood-polymer composites is a valuable reference for all those using and studying these important materials.
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All those using and studying these important materials


Book information

  • Published: May 2008
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-272-8

Table of Contents

Raw materials for wood-polymer composites; Additives for wood-polymer composites; Interactions between wood and synthetic polymers; Manufacturing technologies for wood-polymer composites; Mechanical properties of wood-polymer composites; Micromechanical modelling of wood-polymer composites; Outdoor durability of wood-polymer composites; Creep behaviour and damage of wood-polymer composites; Processing performance of extruded wood-polymer composites; Oriented wood-polymer composites and related materials; Wood-polymer composite foams; Performance measurement and construction applications of wood-polymer composites; Life cycle assessment (LCA) of wood-polymer composites: A case-study; Market and future trends for wood-polymer composites in Europe: The example of Germany; Improving wood-polymer composite products: A case study.