Wireless Networks book cover

Wireless Networks

From the Physical Layer to Communication, Computing, Sensing and Control

Awarded by the International Calabria's Prize!This multidisciplinary volume originates from lectures presented at a short course on wireless communications in Capri, Italy. This globally attended conference has produced an exceptional book written by pioneers in the field. Lecturers at Capri included pillars in the fields of electromagnetics, communications, information technology and mathematics. As communications technology becomes increasingly wireless, an interdisciplinary viewpoint is necessary for professionals to correct problems and avoid others before they occur.Wireless Networks covers critical technology within WLAN, ad hoc networks, data distribution, TV, radio, and personal mobile devices. As networks become wireless, engineers face increased difficulty securing its malleable boundaries. This book discusses security solutions such as sensor technology that prevent unwanted intrusion. Connectivity is also addressed, featuring chapters on antennas, bandwidth and frequencies. Editors Franceschetti and Stornelli have done a great service to the wireless communications community in creating a compendium that delivers this spectrum of essential information in one reference.

Engineers and wireless network designers working in communications, aerospace, defense, transportation, and manufacturing; R&D managers; graduates and undergraduates

Hardbound, 360 Pages

Published: April 2006

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-369426-3


  • Chapter 1: Radio and Physical LayerChapter 2: Personal Communications Antennas including Human InteractionsChapter 3: Wireless Channel Model Chapter 4: Ad-hoc Wireless NetworksChapter 5: Sensor NetworksChapter 6: Wireless Networks: from Information Transfer to Sensing and ControlChapter 7: Academic and industrial expectations


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