Winning at Collaboration Commerce

The Next Competitive Advantage


  • Heidi Collins, Heidi Collins, LLC, Allentown, PA
  • Cindy Gordon, Ph.D., Helix Commerce International Inc, Toronto, ONT, Canada
  • José Cláudio Terra, Ph.D., CEO of TerraForum Consulting, São Paulo, Brazil

"Real time Collaboration Enterprise" is the new business model for market domination. Billions of dollars will be spent in this field, and by 2007 the majority of Global 1000 enterprises will be deploying real-time collaboration business processes to be a core of their business portfolios. Based on their extensive experience with cutting-edge technology, the authors discuss how to successfully implement collaboration commerce solutions, reporting lessons learned from leading companies such as P&G, Astra Zeneca, SAP, and Microsoft.
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Executives charged with improving efficiency and revenue across the value chain, CEOs, CFOs,VPs of IT


Book information

  • Published: November 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7817-9


"A great way to get started on thinking about the implications of collaboration, and more importantly a way to take action before the networked economy passes you by." -- Dave Snowden, CEO and Founder, The Cynefin Center "RBC Financial Group is continually looking through what the authors call the collaborative lens when we develop or enhance our business to improve the client experience. Dr. Gordon and her co-authors have done an outstanding job in highlighting real world examples of how C-commerce can take you to new heights when you're ready to look beyond the walls of your organization and partner with the best." -- Martin Lippert, Vice Chair and Head, Global Technology and Operations, RBC Financial Group "Whether you are an innovator or a forward-looking executive at an industry leader, Collaboration Commerce will be an essential resource for you. Knowledge and reputation flow through existing business relationship networks faster than ever before, which creates opportunities for re-inventing how business gets done in dozens of knowledge-intensive industries." --Konstantin Guericke, LinkedIn Co-Founder "In the past decade, companies achieved tremendous efficiency gains by streamlining their internal processes. Today's forward-thinking companies are using a collaborative commerce focus to achieve even greater efficiencies by optimizing their business networks and relationships beyond the firewall. "Winning with Collaboration Commerce" provides examples of how companies are using collaborative commerce to reach new customers, speed products to market and outperform their competitors." -- Subrah Iyar, CEO, WebEx Communications "This is a good read. The authors allude to a future where information is commoditized, access commands a premium, the information economy is replaced by a collaboration economy and intellectual capital is superceded by relationship capital. That future is happening today." --Antony Brydon, CEO, Visible Path Corporation "Winning, in general, is getting harder and harder as the world becomes flatter. But this book contains many crucial insights into the fundamental changes that are required to master a sustainable edge in this emerging global economy. The book is not just theory. It contains great wisdom on just how important collaboration with partners is becoming and then how to implement a collaborative fabric within and across ecosystems. Yes, the game is changing but with the lenses of collaborative process networks there are new ways to achieve strategic advantage." -- John Seely Brown, Former chief scientist, Xerox Corporation; Co-author, The Only Sustainable Edge "Collaboration is critical to knowledge worker performance. The authors go well beyond the previous injunctions to "play nice together," and identify ways to improve processes and make money through collaborative commerce." -- Thomas H. Davenport, President's Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Table of Contents

Beyond eCommerce: Collaboration Commerce Defined; Next Generation Business Models; Simplifying Business Models—Case Studies; C-Commerce Implementation Requirements;