Why Blog? book cover

Why Blog?

Motivations for Blogging

'Weblogging' or ‘blogging’ has joined e-mail and Internet home pages as one of the most popular uses of the Internet. This book focuses on the British blogosphere, comparing British bloggers to the more researched US. Motivations covered include the desire to connect with others online, the need to express opinions or blow off steam, or to share experiences, and a growing financial motivation in the blogosphere. Other motivations explored include a desire to become a ‘citizen journalist’, a need for validation, the commercial possibilities of blogging and the possibility of turning your blog into a published ‘book’.

Undergraduates and postgraduates on Media Studies, Internet Studies and New Media courses/modules

Paperback, 162 Pages

Published: June 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-583-1


  • What is a blog and who is blogging? Blogging to blow off steam, make your opinions heard and influence others - such motivations are particularly popular amongst male bloggers and filter bloggers; Blogging for me - the blog as a diary - what is the difference between offline diaries and blogs? Blogging for friends - blogging for family and friends; blogging to make friends; The blog as therapy - women and blogging for validation; Blogging for profit - financial motivations for blogging; blogs into blooks; The blog as citizen journalism - bloggers who see themselves as the fifth estate, keeping an eye on the fourth; the merging of blogging and mainstream journalism.


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