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Technology, Production and Marketing

Whisky: Technology, Production and Marketing explains in technical terms, the science and technology of producing whisky, combined with information from industry experts on successfully marketing the product. World experts in Scotch whisky provide detailed insight into whisky production from the processing of raw materials, to the fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending, production of co-products and quality testing, as well as important information on the methodology used for packaging and marketing whisky in the twenty-first century. No other book covers the entire whisky process from raw material to delivery to the market in such a comprehensive manner and with such a high level of technical detail.

Fermentation scientists, brewers and distillers; employees in many areas (technical/production/R&D/marketing) of the alcoholic beverage industry, alcohol manufacturers, students studying whisky and alcohol, and individuals with an interest in whisky who want to have an advanced understanding of the science behind whisky.

Hardbound, 384 Pages

Published: July 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-669202-0


  • "Literature discussing whisky processing with respect to the ‘art of beverage’ production is numerous, however few reference textbooks consider the science and technology behind whisky manufacturing. Whisky: Technology, Production and Marketing therefore presents detailed information on both the ‘art of beverage’ and the scientific aspects behind Scottish whisky production…an excellent source of detailed information on the scientific aspects of whisky production...It should appeal to all researchers with interests in distilled spirits, and the casual reader with interest in drinking such high quality products." (John F. Kennedy & Francois Meullenet, University of Birmingham Research, U.K., November 2004) "There is no doubt that it is an important contribution to the literature available on whisky and will be welcomed by all with an interest in this subject...This is an excellent book, which was badly needed. It has a consistent style, reads well and will I am sure become standard reference and learning text. Effort has been made to minimize the cost of this hardback edition for which we can be thankful. Students of distilling can rejoice!" -JOURNAL OF INSTITUTE OF BREWING (2003) "This well-written book provides a wealth of useful information on all aspects relating to whisky production...Overall, this is a well-conceived, well-written, and well-organized book. This will prove to be an excellent addition to the bookshelf of any undergraduate or Masters level student who wishes to understand the field of whisky production and marketing." -ALLTECH (OCTOBER 2003) "5/5 stars This book is worth owning!!This book is a real gem, it is well written by writers very knowledgeable in their field...I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next volume in the series." -Robert Piggot (SEPTEMBER 2003)


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