Wheater's Review of Histology & Basic Pathology


  • Kate Baldwin, PhD, Professor, Department of Anatomy, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC
  • Lekidelu Taddesse-Heath, MD
  • John Young, PhD
  • Raziel Hakim, PhD

Wheater's Review of Histology & Basic Pathology, by Kate M. Baldwin, PhD, Lekidelu Taddesse-Heath, John K. Young, PhD, and Raziel S. Hakim, PhD, helps you master the knowledge you need for histology exams and the USMLE Step 1. Based on the widely respected textbooks Wheater’s Functional Histology, 5th Edition and Wheater’s Basic Pathology, 5th Edition, this one-of-a-kind review book combines hundreds of full USMLE-style questions with high-quality, full-color illustrations and color photomicrographs from the Wheater’s texts...enabling you to confidently prepare for exams.
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Book information

  • Published: November 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-7020-3045-1

Table of Contents

Part 1 – The Cell

  1. Cell Structure and Function
  2. Cell Cycle and Replication
  3. Part 2 – Basic Tissue Types

  4. Blood
  5. Supporting/Connective Tissues
  6. Epithelial Tissues
  7. Muscle
  8. Nervous Tissues
  9. Part 3 – Organ Systems

  10. Circulatory System
  11. Skin
  12. Skeletal Tissues
  13. Immune System
  14. Respiratory System
  15. Oral Tissue
  16. Gastrointestinal Tract
  17. Liver and Pancreas
  18. Urinary System
  19. Endocrine System
  20. Male Reproductive System
  21. Female Reproductive System
  22. Central Nervous System
  23. Special Sense Organs