Wearable Sensors book cover

Wearable Sensors

Fundamentals, implementation and applications

This book has been written by a collection of experts in their field, who each provide you with an understanding of how to design and work with wearable sensors. Together these insights provide the first single source of information on wearable sensors that would be a fantastic addition to the library of any engineers working in this field.

Wearable Sensors covers a wide variety of topics associated with development and applications of wearable sensors. It also provides an overview and a coherent summary of many aspects of wearable sensor technology. Both professionals in industries and academic researchers need this package of information in order to learn the overview and each specific technology at the same time. This book includes the most current knowledge on the advancement of light-weight hardware, energy harvesting, signal processing, and wireless communications and networks. Practical problems with smart fabrics, biomonitoring and health informatics are all addressed, plus end user centric design, ethical and safety issues


Practicing engineers in the area of medical and wearable devices, academic researchers and graduate students.

Hardbound, 600 Pages

Published: September 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-418662-0


  • 1. Wearability
    2. Sensors, smart fabrics and embedded devices
    3. Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
    4. Wireless communications and body area networks
    5. Applications and social aspects


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