Wavelets, 2

A Tutorial in Theory and Applications

Edited By

  • Charles Chui

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Book information

  • Published: January 1992
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-174590-5

Table of Contents

Preface. Orthogonal Wavelets: D. Pollen, Daubechies' Scaling Function on [0,3]. P.N. Heller, H.L. Resnikoff, and R.O. Wells, Jr., Wavelet Matrices and the Representation of Discrete Functions. G.G. Walter, Wavelets and Generalized Functions. Semi-orthogonal and Nonorthogonal Wavelets: G. Battle, Cardinal Spline Interpolation and the Block Spin Construction of Wavelets. M. Unser and A. Aldroubi, Polynomial Splines and Wavelets--A Signal Processing Perspective. A. Cohen, Biorthogonal Wavelets. J.-C. Feauveau, Nonorthogonal Multiresolution Analysis Using Wavelets. Wavelet-like Local Bases: B.K. Alpert, Wavelets and Other Bases for Fast Numerical Linear Algebra. P. Auscher, Wavelets with Boundary Conditions on the Interval. P. Auscher, G. Weiss, and M.V. Wickerhauser, Local Sine and Cosine Bases of Coifman and Meyer and the Construction of Smooth Wavelets. Multivariate Scaling Functions and Wavelets: W.R. Madych, Some Elementary Properties of Multiresolution Analysis of L2 (Rn). M.A. Berger and Y. Wang, Multi-Dimensional Two-Scale Dilation Equations. J. St*adockler, Multivariate Wavelets. Short-time Fourier and Window-Radon Transforms: H.G. Feichtinger and K. Gr*adochenig, Gabor Wavelets and the Heisenberg Group: Gabor Expansions and Short Time Fourier Transform from the Group Theoretical Point of View. G. Kaiser and R.F. Streater, Windowed Radon Transforms, Analytic Signals, and the Wave Equation. Theory of Sampling and Interpolation: J.J. Benedetto, Irregular Sampling and Frames. A. Aldroubi and M. Unser, Families of Wavelet Transforms in Connection with Shannon's Sampling Theory and the Gabor Transform. K. Seip, Wavelets in H2(R): Sampling, Interpolation, and Phase Space Density. Applications to Numerical Analysis and Signal Processing: S. Jaffard and Ph. Lauren*aycot, Orthonormal Wavelets, Analysis of Operators, and Applications to Numerical Analysis. R.A. Gopinath and C.S. Burrus, Wavelet Transforms and Filter Banks. J. Froment and S. Mallat, Second Generation Compact Image Coding with Wavelets. M.V. Wickerhauser, Acoustic Signal Compression with Wavelet Packets. Bibliography. Subject Index.