Water-Soluble Resins, 2nd Edition

An Industrial Guide


  • Ernest W. Flick

The second edition of this popular industrial guide contains descriptions of more than 1100 currently available water-soluble resins, supplied by 47 manufacturers or distributors of these products. Both natural and synthetic resins are described, including cellulose ethers; collagens, gelatins; natural gums; and synthetic resins, their dispersions, emulsions, and solutions. Only the most recent information has been included.
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Engineers, scientists, and formulators who need to incorporate water-soluble resins in their products.


Book information

  • Published: December 1991
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1274-5

Table of Contents

Product InformationAbatron, Inc.Aceto Corp.Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.Alco Chemical Corp.AqualonBercen, Inc.Callaway Chemical Co.Cargill, Inc.Cook Paint and Varnish Co.CPS Chemical Co., Inc.Dock Resins Corp.Dow Chemical Co.DuPontDynagel, Inc.Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Co.FMC Corp.Freeman Chemical Corp.Genesee Polymers Corp.B.F. Goodrich Co.Goodyear ChemicalsW.R. Grace & Co.H & C Industries, Inc.HenkelHercules, Inc.Hi-Tek Polymers, Inc.Hoechst Celanese Corp.HormelHuls America, Inc.ICI Resins USMobay Corp.Monsanto Chemical Co.Morton International, Inc.NL Chemicals, Inc.Norland Products Inc.Occidental Chemical Corp.C.J. OsbornOxychemPolysat Inc.Ranbar Technology Inc.Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.Sartomer Co.StanChem Inc.Thibaut & WalkerTIC Gums, Inc.Union Carbide Corp.Unocal Chemicals DivisionR.T. Vanderbilt Co., Inc.Suppliers' AddressesTrade Name IndexResin Index