Water-Soluble Resins, 2nd Edition book cover

Water-Soluble Resins, 2nd Edition

An Industrial Guide

The second edition of this popular industrial guide contains descriptions of more than 1100 currently available water-soluble resins, supplied by 47 manufacturers or distributors of these products. Both natural and synthetic resins are described, including cellulose ethers; collagens, gelatins; natural gums; and synthetic resins, their dispersions, emulsions, and solutions. Only the most recent information has been included.

Engineers, scientists, and formulators who need to incorporate water-soluble resins in their products.

Hardbound, 450 Pages

Published: December 1991

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1274-5


  • Product InformationAbatron, Inc.Aceto Corp.Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.Alco Chemical Corp.AqualonBercen, Inc.Callaway Chemical Co.Cargill, Inc.Cook Paint and Varnish Co.CPS Chemical Co., Inc.Dock Resins Corp.Dow Chemical Co.DuPontDynagel, Inc.Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Co.FMC Corp.Freeman Chemical Corp.Genesee Polymers Corp.B.F. Goodrich Co.Goodyear ChemicalsW.R. Grace & Co.H & C Industries, Inc.HenkelHercules, Inc.Hi-Tek Polymers, Inc.Hoechst Celanese Corp.HormelHuls America, Inc.ICI Resins USMobay Corp.Monsanto Chemical Co.Morton International, Inc.NL Chemicals, Inc.Norland Products Inc.Occidental Chemical Corp.C.J. OsbornOxychemPolysat Inc.Ranbar Technology Inc.Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.Sartomer Co.StanChem Inc.Thibaut & WalkerTIC Gums, Inc.Union Carbide Corp.Unocal Chemicals DivisionR.T. Vanderbilt Co., Inc.Suppliers' AddressesTrade Name IndexResin Index


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