Technologies and Project Implementation


  • Marc J. Rogoff
  • Francois Screve

This book covers in detail programs and technologies for converting traditionally landfilled solid wastes into energy through waste-to-energy projects.
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Municipalities interested in alternatives to landfilling of solid wastes.


Book information

  • Published: June 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-4377-7871-7


"The second edition includes coverage of the latest technologies and practical engineering challenges as well as an exploration of the economic and regulatory context for the development of WTE facilities. The considerably expanded new edition provides the only fully up-to-date survey covering the planning, design, and implementation of WTE facilities, and is comprehensive guide to engineers, solid waste managers, and decision-makers throughout the world."--Recycling Products News

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview The Solid Waste Disposal Problem The Trends Toward Waste-to-Energy2. Project Implementation Concepts Introduction Developing the Project Team Risk Assessment Implementation Process Public Information Programs3. Waste-to-Energy Technology Introduction Mass Burning Modular Combustion Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Systems Fluidized Bed Systems Anaerobic Digestion Composting Pyrolysis Conversion Systems Comparison of Technologies4. Solid Waste Composition and Quantities Introduction Characterization of Solid Waste Waste Composition Studies Heating Value Solid Waste Quantities5. Waste Flow Control Introduction Flow Control Mechanisms6. Selecting the Facility Site Introduction The Site Selection Process Site Screening Process7. Energy and Materials Markets Introduction Energy Markets Materials Markets8. Permitting of Waste-To-Energy Facilities Introduction Federal Permits State and Local Permitting Requirements Keys for a Successful Permitting Strategy The Dioxin Issue9. Procurement of Waste-to-Energy Systems Introduction Procurement Approaches Procedures for Conducting the Procurement Process Prepating the Request for Proposal Proposal Evaluation Negotiations Process10. Ownership and Financing of a Waste-To-Energy Facility Introduction Ownership Alternatives Financing Options Key Participants in Resource Recovery Financings Steps in Bringing the Bond Issue to MarketIndex