Voice Over WLANS

The Complete Guide


  • Michael Finneran

For networking and RF/wireless engineers, and graduate students who want a solid overview of voice over WLANs/VoIP technology (wireless local area networks / voice over internet protocol), this book covers voice coding, packet loss, delay and 'jitter', and 'echo' control, and shows how to combine both WLAN and VoIP technology to create effective voice over WLAN systems. Finneran also describes how to integrate voice over WLAN systems with cellular networks. This is not just another WLAN-only book nor a VoIP-only book; instead, it integrates both topics into a coherent whole.
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Networking engineers, IT professionals, RF/ wireless engineers


Book information

  • Published: November 2007
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8299-2

Table of Contents

CH 1: The Convergence of Wireless LANs and VoIPPart 1: Wireless LAN FundamentalsCH 2: Wireless LAN FundamentalsCH 3: Wireless LAN SwitchesCH 4: 802.11 Radio Link Specifications CH 5: Media Access Control ProtocolCH 6: Privacy and Security Issues in WLANsPart 2: VoIP FundamentalsCH 7: Voice Over IPCH 8: Quality Issues in IP TelephonyCH 9: Telephone System Design/Voice Traffic EngineeringPart 3: Voice on Wireless LANsCH 10: WLAN Voice ConfigurationCH 11: Technical Requirements for WLAN VoicePart 4: Designing and Managing the WLAN Voice NetworkCH 12: Designing a Wireless LAN for VoiceCH 13: Network Management Issues in Wireless LANsCH 14: WLAN/Cellular Integration: Products and Strategies