Vision within Extrageniculo-striate Systems

Edited by

  • T.P. Hicks
  • G. Benedek

This book contains the proceedings of a Satellite Symposium on Vision held in conjunction with the Second World Congress of Neuroscience.A balanced overview is given of such areas as: superior colliculus; tectal and pretectal nuclei; LP-pulvinar complex; cortical areas 18 and 19; lateral suprasylvian areas; rostrally-located visual cortical areas. The topics cover a variety of species ranging from rat and ferret to old- and new-world primates. Anatomical accounts and physiological contributions from behavioural and pharmacological experiments are also presented.It represents an up-to-date account of research in extrageniculo-striate visual systems.
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Book information

  • Published: August 1988
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-80972-8

Table of Contents

List of Contributors. Preface. List of Financial Supporters. 1. Anatomical organization of the superior colliculus in monkeys: corticotectal pathways for visual and visuomotor function (Catherine G. Cusick). 2. Retinal and cortical inputs to cat superior colliculust: composition, convergence and laminar specificity (David M. Berson). 3. Organisation of efferent projections from superior colliculus to brainstem in rat: evidence for functional output channels (Paul Dean, Peter Redgrave and Ian J. Mitchell). 4. Superior colliculus-mediated visual behaviors in cat and the concept of two corticotectal systems (Barry E. Stein). 5. Electrophysiological and behavioral experiments on the primate pulvinar (D.B. Bender). 6. The consequences of the superior colliculus output on lateral geniculate and pulvinar responses (Stéphane Molotchnikoff, Christian Casanova and Alain Cérat). 7. The lateral posterior complex of the cat: studies of the functional organization (Bob Hutchins and B.V. Updyke). 8. Receptive-field properties in the tecto- and striate-recipient zones of the cat's lateral posterior nucleus (Leo M. Chalupa and Bruce P. Abramson). 9. Visual function of the cat's LP/LS subsystem in global motion processing (Josef P. Rauschecker). 10. Synaptic organization of the lateralis medialis-suprageniculate nuclear (LM-sg) complex in the cat (Masao Norita and Yoshimitsu Katoh). 11. The role of the primate lateral terminal nucleus in visuomotor behavior (Michael J. Mustari, Albert F. Fuchs, Thomas P. Langer, Chris Kaneko and Josh Wallman). 12. Visual projections induced into auditory thalamus and cortex: implications for thalamic and cortical information processing (Mriganka Sur). 13. Influence of moving textured backgrounds on responses of cat area 18 cells to moving bars (G.A. Orban, B. Gulyás and W. Spileers). 14. The patchy intrinsic projections of visual cortex (Simon LeVay). 15. Local, horizontal connections within area 18 of the cat (Joanne A. Matsubara). 16. Role of visual areas 17 and 18 of the cat (S. Bisti). 17. The transfer of visual information across the corpus callosum in cats, monkeys and humans: spatial and temporal properties (N. Berardi, S. Bisti, A. Fiorentini and L. Maffei). 18. Corticocortical callosal connectivity: evidence derived from electrophysiological studies (Franco Leporé, Maurice Ptito, Louis Richter and Jean-Paul Guillemot). 19. Influence of areas 17, 18 and 19 on receptive-field properties of neurons in the cat's posteromedical lateral suprasylvian visual cortex (Peter D. Spear). 20. Stimulus selectivity and its postnatal development in the cat's suprasylvian visual cortex (Thomas J. Zumbroich, Colin Blakemore and David J. Price). 21. Lens accommodation-related and pupil-related units in the lateral suprasylvian area in cats (Takehiko Bando, Haruo Toda and Takeo Awaji). 22. Retinotopic order and functional organization in a region of suprasylvian visual cortex, the Clare-Bishop area (Helen Sherk). 23. Anterior ectosylvian visual area (AEV) of the cat: physiological properties (G. Benedek, L. Mucke, M.Norita, B. Albowitz and O.D. Creutzfeldt). 24. AEV-insular axis: connectivity (David Emmans, Hans J. Markowitsch and W.O. Guldin). 25. The visual insular cortex of the cat: organization, properties and modality specificity (G. Benedek and T.P. Hicks). 26. Some extra-striate corticothalamic connections in macaque monkeys (S. Squatrito, M.G. Maioli, C. Galletti and P.P. Battaglini). 27. Two cortical visual systems in Old World and New World primates (Rosalyn E. Weller). 28. Extrageniculo-striate visual mechanisms: compartmentalization of visual functions (O.D. Creutzfeldt). Subject Index.