Viruses and Human Disease book cover

Viruses and Human Disease

Completely revised and updated, the new edition of this groundbreaking text integrates basic virology with pathophysiological conditions to examine the connection between virology and human disease. Most virology textbooks focus on the molecular biology involved without adequate reference to physiology. This text focuses on viruses that infect humans, domestic animals and vertebrates and is based on extensive course notes from James Strauss’ virology class at the California Institute of Technology taught for over 30 years. Expertly depicting in color the molecular structure and replication of each virus, it provides an excellent overview for students and professionals interested in viruses as agents of human disease.

Hardbound, 480 Pages

Published: September 2007

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-373741-0


  • PRAISE FOR THE PREVIOUS EDITION: "...exceptionally easy to read and full of 'need-to know' material appropriate for students. ...well organized and thoughtfully prepared." -DOODY'S


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