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Virus Structure and Assembly

Written by experts in their field, Virus Structure and Assembly summarizes our current state of knowledge in the field of virus structure and assembly, comparing and contrasting the mechanisms adopted by viruses with a wide diversity of genome and host. It will serve as an invaluable reference for researchers in virology, microbiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, and public health.

Virologists, molecular epidemiologists, clinicians and public health specialists, immunologists, and researchers in vaccine development

Included in series
Advances in Virus Research


Published: June 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-039863-8


  • "A mandatory purchase for all types of comprehensive libraries, both public and university, as well as for those interested in or doing research in the field of virology." —MILITARY MEDICINE


  • Assembly of dsRNA Bacterial VirusesThe Role of Lipid Rafts in Virus ReplicationStructural transformations of viral fusion proteinsThe heads of phage HK97 and its associates: Conservation and diversity through evolutionStructure and Biosynthesis of Ebola Virus Matrix Protein and Glycoprotein Structure and assembly of icosahedral enveloped RNA virusesStructure derived insights into virus assemblyAssembly of ParamyxovirusesA novel pathway of cytoplasmic disulfide bond formation encoded by vaccinia virus that is required for virion assembly.Kinetics and Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Studies of the In Vitro Assembly of HIV-1 Capsid ProteinMolecular Interactions in the Assembly of CoronavirusesOrbiviruses: Virus Entry to Exit


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