Violence book cover


From Theory to Research

Brings together theoretical and empirical papers prepared by noted researchers and theoreticians. The first part includes chapters by criminological theorists who apply their theory of crime particularly to violence. The second part contains chapters by researchers who look at the substantive area of their expertise through the lens of theories of violence. Each chapter is original and was written specifically for this book.

Paperback, 300 Pages

Published: November 2004

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-58360-561-5


  • Part I: Introduction

    Violence: From Theory to Research

    Part II: Theories of Violence

    1. Toward a Social Learning Model of Violence and Terrorism

    2. A General Strain Theory Approach to Violence

    3. Control Balance Theory and Violence

    4. A Rational-Choice Approach to Violence

    5. Social Disorganization and Violence

    6. Toward a Radical Ecology of Urban Violence

    7. The Basic Routine Activity Approach to Crime Analysis

    8. Feminist Theories of Violent Behavior

    9. Violent Structures

    Part III: Applying Theories to Substance

    10. Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault

    11. Youth Violence: An Overview

    12. A Summary of Research on Drug-Related Violence

    13. Modern Lynchings

    14. Hate Violence

    15. Terrorist Violence

    Part IV: Conclusion

    The Need for a Theory of Violence


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