Violence in Intimate Relationships: Examining Sociological and Psychological Issues


  • Nicky Jackson, PhD, Purdue University - Calumet
  • Giselé Oates, PhD, Purdue University - Calumet

Violence in Intimate Relationships is an edited volume that provides a thorough overview of abuse in a wide range of situations, including children, elders, husbands, wives, homosexual couples, and dates. Each chapter covers an historical accounting of the problem, legal and operational definitions, prevalence and incidence, empirical correlates of abuse, theoretical explanations of abuse, profiles of abusers and victims, prevention and treatment strategies, and future trends. The editors have skillfully formatted the text so that students can easily compare and contrast the varieties of intimate violence described in each chapter.
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Students in criminology, sociology, and criminal justice programs


Book information

  • Published: March 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-9874-0

Table of Contents

Child Physical Abuse * Child Sexual Abuse * Child Neglect * Dating Violence * Wife Abuse * Husband Battering * Male-to-Male Domestic Violence * Lesbian Battering * Understanding Elder Abuse and Neglect * Cultural Perspectives on Intimate Violence