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Victimology, Seventh Edition, introduces students to the criminal justice system in the United States and its impact on crime victims. Authors William Doerner and Steven Lab provide a fresh look at the theoretical basis of victimology and then present the key facets of crime and its effects. They examine financial and social costs both to the individual and to the larger community.

This new edition uses the theoretical foundation of victimology to establish a clear conceptual framework and reduce repetition. Emerging trends in the field receive greater emphasis in this edition, including non-adversarial resolutions that offer remediation for crime victims. Crimes like intimate-partner violence and victimization in work or school environments continue to take a toll, and the authors examine efforts to prevent these crimes as well as responses after an incident occurs. Doerner and Lab challenge students to rethink the current response to crime victims, and to develop improved approaches to this costly social issue. Online supplements are available for both professors and students.

Paperback, 518 Pages

Published: March 2014

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-323-28765-4


  • Section I- Definition and Scope

    1. The Scope of Victimology
    2. Measuring Criminal Victimization
    3. Explaining Victimization

      Section II- Addressing the Impact of Victimization

    4. The Costs of Victimization
    5. Remedying the Financial Impact of Victimization
    6. Remedying the Non-Financial Impact of Victimization
    7. Victim Rights

      Section III- Types of Victimization

    8. Traditional Crimes
    9. Sexual Battery
    10. Intimate Partner Violence
    11. Child Maltreatment
    12. Crime and the Elderly
    13. Hate Crime
    14. Victimization at Work and School


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