Vibrations and Waves

Part B: Waves

Edited by

  • S. Kaliski
  • L. Solarz, Military Technical Academy, Warsaw, Poland

This book gives a comprehensive overview of wave phenomena in different media with interacting mechanical, electromagnetic and other fields. Equations describing wave propagation in linear and non-linear elastic media are followed by equations of rheological models, models with internal rotational degrees of freedom and non-local interactions. Equations for coupled fields: thermal, elastic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, and magneto-spin with adequate boundary conditions are also included. Together with its companion volume Vibrations and Waves. Part A: Vibrations this work provides a wealth of information about dynamical phenomena in different media and fields, which will be of considerable interest to both scientists and graduate students.
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Book information

  • Published: July 1992
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-98690-0

Table of Contents

Parts: I. Waves in Elastic and Inelastic Media (C. Rymarz). 1. Remarks concerning tensor notation. 2. Equations of motion for an elastic medium. 3. Rheological models of inelastic bodies. 4. Equations of motion for micropolar and non-local media. 5. Equations for coupled fields. 6. General specificities of the formulation of boundary-value problems 7. Properties of wave motion in an elastic medium. 8. Solving functions and elastic potentials. 9. The solution of boundary problems for the wave equation and for an elastic medium. 10. Waves in micropolar and non-local media. 11. Waves in coupled fields. 12. Reflection, refraction and diffraction of elastic waves. Approximate and asymptotic methods of solving wave problems. II. Plastic Waves (E. Wlodarczyk). 1. Dynamic properties of materials. 2. Fundamental concepts of non-stationary wave motion. 3. Propagation of longitudinal stress waves in thin inelastic bars of compact cross-section. 4. Spherical and cylindrical waves. 5. Shock waves in solids. III. Surface Waves in Solids (S. Kaliski). 1. Elastic surface waves in a half-space and a layer. 2. Waves on curved surfaces. 3. Surface waves in non-local media and in media with a microstructure. 4. Surface elastic waves, with consideration of quantum effects. 5. Random surface waves. 6. Surface waves in piezo-electric materials and piezosemiconductors. 7. Amplification of surface waves in piezosemiconductors. 8. Magneto-elastic surface waves. 9. Surface waveguide waves. IV. Stochastic Analysis of Wave Processes (K. Sobczyk). 1. Mathematical preliminaries. 2. Wave propagation in stochastic media. 3. Stochastic waves in bounded media. References. Index.