Veterinary Medical Specialization: Bridging Science and Medicine, 39

  • W. Dodds


Graduate students, faculty, and researchers actively engaged in research that employs animal models, veterinarians, and veterinary faculty that oversee animal research, clinical researchers actively engaged in trials using animals, and related research programs.


Book information

  • Published: November 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-039240-7

Table of Contents

W.J. Dodds, Overview: Bridging Basic Science and Clinical Medicine.W.J. Dodds, Estimating Disease Prevalence with Health Surveys and Genetic Screening.G.M. Happ, Thyroiditis--A Model Canine Autoimmune Disease.C.D. Lothrop, Jr., Veterinary Medical Specialization.D.M. Boothe and M.R. Slater, Standards for Veterinary Clinical Trials.J. Tannenbaum, Benefits and Burdens: Legal and Ethical Issues Raised by Veterinary Specialization.Chapter References.Subject Index.