Veterinary Dentistry for the Nurse and Technician book cover

Veterinary Dentistry for the Nurse and Technician

It also provides information as to diagnosis and initial management of less common diseases, where the ultimate treatment will generally be performed by a specialist, but the general practitioner needs to be able to identify a problem and have a basic understanding of the pathophysiology of the tissues involved.

Paperback, 192 Pages

Published: January 2005

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5286-5


  • 1. The Role of the Veterinary Nurse and Technician
    2. Equipment and Instrumentation
    3. Anesthetic Monitoring and Immediate Postoperative Care
    4. Anatomy of the Teeth and Periodontium
    5. Occlusion and Malocclusion
    6. Oral Examination and Recording
    7. Dental Radiography
    8. Periodontal Disease
    9. Common Oral and Dental Conditions
    10. Preventive Dentistry
    11. Tooth Extraction
    12. Dental Diseases in Lagomorphs and Rodents


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