Vehicle Rescue and Extrication


  • Ronald Moore

Totally updated and revised, this book is crucial for fire, rescue, EMS and law enforcement personnel. It details the very latest in dealing with the challenges of vehicle rescue and extrication in today's environment. New information on vehicle technology and changes in vehicle fire fighting procedures are covered, as well as the most recent advances in extrication equipment. Case scenarios are used to offer readers a real-world example of crash scenes they're likely to encounter.
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Book information

  • Published: October 2002
  • Imprint: MOSBY
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-01833-3

Table of Contents

1. New Technology and Airbags
2. Hybrid Vehicles
3. Vehicle Rescue Life Cycle
4. Safety and Vehicle Fires
5. Commanding Vehicle Rescue Incidents
6. EMS Considerations
7. Tools and Equipment
8. Extrication Techniques