Vehicle Handling Dynamics

Theory and Application


  • Masato Abe, Professor Emeritus, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Atsugi, Japan
  • Masato Abe, Professor Emeritus, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Atsugi, Japan

This is the first book to combine classical vehicle dynamics with electronic control. The equation-based presentation of the theory behind vehicle dynamics enables readers to develop a thorough understanding of the key attribute to both a vehicle's driveability and its active safety. Supported by MATLAB tools, the key areas that affect vehicle dynamics are explored including tire mechanics, the steering system, vehicle roll, traction and braking, 4WS and vehicle dynamics, vehicle dynamics by vehicle and human control, and controllabiliy. As a professional reference volume, this book is an essential addition to the resources available to anyone working in vehicle design and development. Written by a leading authority in the field (who himself has considerable practical experience), the book has a unique blend of theory and practice that will be of immense value in this applications based field.
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Professional Market:Automotive Design Engineers involved in vehicle design, chassis design and control systems; Specifically Vehicle Dynamicists - either in R&D department within large corporations or independent consultantsAcademic Market:Postgraduate/MSc/Phd students taking Vehicle Dynamics or Vehicle Control.


Book information

  • Published: June 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-749-8

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: VEHICLE DYNAMICS AND ITS CONTROL1.1 Definition of Vehicle1.2 Virtual 4-Wheel Vehicle Model1.3 Control of MotionChapter2: TIRE MECHANICS2.1 Preface2.2 Tire Which Produces Lateral Force2.3 Tire Cornering Characteristics2.4 Traction, Braking and Cornering 2.5 Dynamic Characteristics Chapter3: FUNDAMENTALS OF VEHICLE DYNAMICS3.1 Preface3.2 Vehicle Equations of Motion3.3 Vehicle Steady State Cornering3.4 Vehicle Dynamic Characteristics Chapter 4: VEHICLE MOTION BY DISTURBANCES4.1 Preface4.2 Motion by Lateral Force Exerted on the Center of Gravity4.4 Conclusion of Vehicle Motion by DisturbancesChapter 5: STEERING SYSTEM AND VEHICLE DYNAMICS5.1 Preface5.2 Steering System Model and Equations of Motion5.3 Effects of Steering System Characteristics on Vehicle MotionChapter 6: VEHICLE¡¦S ROLL AND VEHICLE DYNAMICS6.1 Preface6.2 Roll Geometry6.3 Body Roll and Vehicle Dynamics6.4 Equations of Motion Inclusive of Roll6.5 Effect of Body Roll on Vehicle DynamicsChapter 7: VEHICLE MOTION WITH TRACTION AND BRAKING7.1 Preface7.2 Equations of Motion Inclusive of Longitudinal Motion 7.3 Vehicle Quasi-Steady State Cornering7.4 Vehicle Transient Steer Response Chapter 8: VEHICLE DYNAMICS WITH ACTIVE MOTION CONTROL8.1 Preface8.2 Vehicle Motion With Additional Rear Wheel Steer8.3 Rear Wheel Steering Control for Zero Side-Slip Angle8.4 Yaw Rate Model Following Rear Wheel Steer8.5 Front and Rear Wheel Active Steer Control8.6 Vehicle Motion With Direct Yaw-moment Control (DYC) Chapter 9: VEHICLE DYNAMICS BY HUMAN CONTROL9.1 Preface9.2 Human Control Action9.3 Vehicle Motion Under Human Control9.4 Human Adaptations to Vehicle Characteristics9.5 Lane Change Behavior of Driver-Vehicle-System9.6 Further Improved Human Driver¡¦s ModelChapter 10: EASE OF VEHICLE CONTROL10.1 Preface10.2 Ease of Vehicle Control10.3 Vehicle Motion Characteristics and Ease of Control