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Vehicle and Engine Technology

Building upon the excellent first edition, ' Vehicle and Engine Technology, 2ed' covers all the technology requirements of motor vehicle engineering and has been rigorously updated to include additional material on subjects such as pollution control, automatic transmission, steering systems, braking systems and electrics. An ideal companion for anyone studying motor vehicle repair and servicine, 'Vehicle and Engine Technology, 2ed' provides the in-depth treatment required for technician-level students, but is presented in a way which will be accessible to craft students wanting more than the bare essentials of the subject matter. Several examples of each topic application are included, describing the variations encountered in practice, making the book a useful reference for students of motor vehicle engineering.

Students of C&G taking repair and servicing of road vehicles. BTEC motor vehicle engineering students. NVQ and GNVQ students of motor vehicle engineering.

Paperback, 800 Pages

Published: October 1998

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-69186-1


  • Highly recommended.,CHOISE, Journal of SAE International, The coverage of each topic is very comprehensive.,Motor Vehicle Teacher,


  • Engine * Fuel Systems * Supercharging * Pollution Control * Cooling Systems * Gearbox * Automatic transmission * Universal joints * Final drives * Steering systems * Suspension * Brakes * Electrics.


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