VB.Net Web Developer

VB.Net Web Developer's Guide

Visual Basic has long been the language of choice when designing Windows-based applications and the Web. Touted as both the most popular and productive computing language, Visual Basic has amassed quite a following of devoted programmers, and is a sought after programming skill. With the introduction of .NET Enterprise, Microsoft launch VB.NET, offering a streamlined, simplified version of Visual Basic language. With increased power, scalability, functionality and reliability, VB.NET is positioned to be the most productive tool in a programmer's toolbox. VB.NET Developer's Guide is written for previous Visual Basic Programmers looking to harness the power of the new features and functionality incorporated in Visual Basic.NET.


Published: September 2001

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-928994-48-0


  • "Visual Basic.NET will revolutionize the way we develop net-generation applications for Windows and the Web." -- Ari Bixhorn, Product Manager for VB.NET


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