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Vascular Diagnosis

Here's comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the rapidly expanding field of non-invasive vascular diagnosis. Noted experts in vascular surgery, interventional radiology, cardiology, and vascular medicine explore the best approaches for vascular imaging of cerebrovascular disease, peripheral atherosclerotic occlusive disease, intra-abdominal occlusive disease, venous disorders, and aneurysms. They describe all of today's imaging modalities and their applications for diagnosis as well as their increasingly important intraoperative and interventional roles. The book is organized into three parts. The first part covers some fundamental issues related to the vascular laboratory and principles of vascular diagnosis. The second part has five sections concerned with imaging the various regions of the body. The third part contains a collection of miscellaneous topics such as coding and reimbursement and database maintenance.

Vascular Surgeons, General Surgeons and Residents, Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, Cardiologists, Vascular Technologists and Health Science Libraries.


Published: December 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-9426-9



    Chapter 1 The Current Role Of Vascular Diagnosis

    Chapter 2 Basic Hemodynamic Principles In Vascular Disease

    Chapter 3 Qualifications And Competence Of Vascular Laboratory Personnel

    Chapter 4 Quality Assurance And Certification Of The Vascular Laboratory

    Chapter 5 What Are We Measuring In The Vascular Patient

    Chapter 6 Principles Of Ultrasound Physics And Instrumentation: An Overview

    Chapter 7 The Use Of B-Flow And Power Doppler In Vascular Imaging



    Chapter 8 Vascular Diagnosis In Carotid Disease

    Chapter 9 Cerebrovascular Color-Flow Scanning: Technique And Applications

    Chapter 10 Alternative Imaging Modalities For The Carotid Bifurcation

    Chapter 11 Transcranial Doppler: Technique And Applications

    Chapter 12 Evaluation Of Carotid Plaque Morphology

    Chapter 13 Intraoperative Assessment Of Carotid Endarterectomy: Technique And Results

    Chapter 14 Noninvasive Screening And Utility Of Carotid Wall Thickness

    Chapter 15 Surveillance And Follow-Up After Carotid Endarterectomy

    Chapter 16 Surveillance And Follow-Up After Carotid Angioplasty

    Chapter 17 Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency: Technique And Clinical Applications


    Chapter 18 Vascular Diagnosis Of Lower Extremity Occlusive Disease: Overview

    Chapter 19 Evaluation Of Claudication

    Chapter 20 Physiologic Testing Of Lower Extremity Arterial Disease: Segmental Pressures, Plethysmography And Velocity Wave Forms

    Chapter 21 Arterial Occlusion: Thrombotic Versus Embolic

    Chapter 22 Color-Flow Scanning Of Lower Extremity Arteries: Technique And Applications

    Chapter 23 Laser Doppler And Transcutaneous Oxygen Measurement: Applications In Clinical Practice

    Chapter 24 Vascular Trauma: Role Of Noninvasive Testing

    Chapter 25 Guiding Endovascular Interventions With Color-Flow Scanning

    Chapter 26 Preoperative, Intraoperative And Postoperative Vein Graft Evaluation

    Chapter 27 The Current Role Of MRA In Planning Interventions For Lower Extremity Ischemia

    Chapter 27a Role of Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Chapter 28 Congenital And Acquired Arteriovenous Fistulae

    Chapter 29 Pseudoaneurysm: Diagnosis And Treatment

    Chapter 30 Upper Extremity Ischemia: Diagnostic Techniques And Clinical Applications


    Chapter 31 Vascular Diagnosis Of Renovascular Disease

    Chapter 32 Renal Artery Color-Flow Scanning: Technique And Applications

    Chapter 33 Color-Flow Scanning Of The Mesenteric Arteries: Techniques And Applications

    Chapter 34 Intraoperative And Postoperative Imaging Of Renal & Mesenteric Angioplasty And Bypass


    Chapter 35 Vascular Diagnosis Of Abdominal And Peripheral Aneurysms

    Chapter 36 Screening For Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

    Chapter 37 Preoperative Imaging For Open Repair Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

    Chapter 38 Preoperative Imaging For Endovascular Grafts: CT Angiography

    Chapter 39 Imaging Modalities For The Diagnosis Of Endoleaks

    Chapter 40 Postoperative Surveillance After Endovascular Repair


    Chapter 41 Vascular Diagnosis Of Venous Thrombosis

    Chapter 42 Importance Of Color-Flow Scan Follow-Up After Deep Venous Thrombosis

    Chapter 43 Vascular Diagnosis And Evaluation Of Chronic Venous Obstruction

    Chapter 44 Screening And Surveillance For DVT In High Risk Patients

    Chapter 45 Upper Extremity Venous Imaging

    Chapter 46 Ultrasound Guided Filter Placement


    Chapter 47 Hepatoportal System Evaluation

    Chapter 48 Evaluation Of The Extremity Prior To Hemodialysis Access And Postoperative

    Chapter 49 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Chapter 50 Clinical Applications Of Intravascular Ultrasound

    Chapter 51 Coding And Reimbursement For The Vascular Laboratory

    Chapter 52 Coding And Reimbursement For Interventions And Surgical Procedures

    Chapter 53 Vascular Centers: Role Of The Vascular Laboratory

    Chapter 54 How To Establish And Maintain A Database



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