Variational Methods in Nonconservative Phenomena book cover

Variational Methods in Nonconservative Phenomena

This book provides a comprehensive survey of analytic and approximate solutions of problems of applied mechanics, with particular emphasis on nonconservative phenomena. Include

Researchers and graduate students in theoretical and applied mechanics, applied mathematicians, and physicists.

Hardbound, 371 Pages

Published: March 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-728450-7


  • This book provides an ideal and concise summary of the literature and is highly recommended.

    A significant work...This is a most interesting book and contains much material which so far has only appeared in journals. If forms a valuable supplement to the many books now available on general mechanical principles....The production is excellent and the book can thoroughly be recommended.


  • A Brief Account of the Variational Principles of Classical Holonomic Dynamics. Variational Principles and Lagrangians. Conservation Laws. A Study of the Motion of Conservative and Nonconservative Dynamical Systems by Means of Field Theory. Variational Principles with Vanishing Parameters and Their Applications. Applications of Gauss' Principle of Least Constraint to Nonconservative Phenomena. Index.


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