Using the Internet for Political Research book cover

Using the Internet for Political Research

Practical Tips and Hints

This book is a practical guide to using the Internet for political science research. The growth of the Internet means that an increasing amount of political information is becoming available on the web; however, it can often be difficult for users to locate high quality resources. This book shows the reader how to develop effective Internet searching strategies and indicates what is available online. It covers some of the key political science areas, including elections, parliamentary information and political parties, showing how to successively locate and evaluate Internet resources. The book covers political research mainly in the UK, and the USA.

Paperback, 188 Pages

Published: September 2003

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-049-2


  • Getting started in using the Internet; Political science and the Internet; Elections; Political parties; Prime ministers and heads of state; Parliaments; Government departments and publications; Political science education; Keeping up to date.


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