User Experience Re-Mastered book cover

User Experience Re-Mastered

Your Guide to Getting the Right Design

Good user interface design isn’t just about aesthetics or using the latest technology. Designers also need to ensure their product is offering an optimal user experience. This requires user needs analysis, usability testing, persona creation, prototyping, design sketching, and evaluation through-out the design and development process.

User Experience Re-Mastered takes tried and tested material from best-selling books in Morgan Kaufmann’s Series in Interactive Technologies and presents it in typical project framework. Chauncey Wilson guides the reader through each chapter, introducing each stage, explaining its context, and emphasizing its significance in the user experience lifecycle. This gives readers practical and easily applicable direction for creating web sites and web applications that ensure the ultimate experience. A must read for students, those new to the field, and anyone designing interfaces for people!


Beginning interface designers and developers, software designers, web designers, web application designers, interaction designers, appliance designers and developers, information architects, usability engineers, usability evaluators and development managers, students and teachers in computer science, graphic design, HCI, and usability.

Paperback, 396 Pages

Published: October 2009

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-375114-0


  • Part I- Usability
    Chapter 1: Usability Engineering, by Jakob Nielsen
    Chapter 2: Usability for the Web, by Tom Brinck
    Chapter 3: Understanding Your Users, by Cathrine Courage

    Part II- Generating Ideas
    Chapter 4: Handbook of UCD Methods, by Chauncey Wilson
    Chapter 5: Sketching User Experiences, by Bill Buxton
    Chapter 6: The Persona Lifecycle, by John Pruitt
    Chapter 7: Effective Prototyping for Software Makers, by Jonathan Arnowitz

    Part III- Designing Your Site
    Chapter 8: User Interface Design and Evaluation, by Debbie Stone

    Part IV-Evaluation & Analysis
    Chapter 9: Evaluating Your Product, by Debbie Stone
    Chapter 10: Observing the User, by Mike Kuniavsky
    Chapter 11: User Interface Design and Evaluation, by Debbie Stone
    Chapter 12: User Interface Design and Evaluation, by Debbie Stone


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