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Use of Counselling Skills

Guide for Therapy

Therapy is an essentially human activity that needs ot be understood in terms of the relationships, processes of communication and people involved. This book is designed to support therapists in establishing open and mutual relationships, with clients
and colleagues, for shared decision making, effective working partnerships and mutual empowerment. * Issues of the use of counselling skills are looked at specifically focusing on the principles, processes and contexts of therapy. * The book takes a
reflective practitioner approach and provides activities designed to help the reader relate the ideas discuddes in hte book to themselves, their practice as therapists and the particular context of their work. * the book draws on and explores a wide
range of personal and formal perpectives, including the clients' viewpoints, to enhance reflection on communication and relationships in practice. This books will be invaluable reading for all therapists looking to improve their professional
relationship skills. 'This excellent and readable book is part of the Butterworth-Heinemann Skills for Practice series. This is a book for every general or specialist therapist who has a will to become a more reflective practitioner. It is certainly a
must for every department library and would I hope stimulate interesting discussion and evaluation of practice.' - Physiotherapy, March 1996

Paperback, 224 Pages

Published: May 1995

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-1618-8


  • IN PRINCIPLE Human relations; Helping; Perspectives on human relations; Helping processes and principles IN PRACTICE Relationships: towards mutuality; Communication: towards two-way flow; Listening; Challenging IN CONTEXT A multi-professional context;
    Reflecting in context


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