Urinary & Fecal Incontinence book cover

Urinary & Fecal Incontinence

Current Management Concepts

Completely updated to reflect current practice, the 3rd edition of this comprehensive resource provides a multi-disciplinary, in-depth review of the physiology of continence, the pathologic mechanisms producing incontinence, and current treatment options for the various types of incontinence. Assessment, behavioral therapies, and multidisciplinary care are emphasized as key elements in the treatment and management of incontinence. In addition to the life-span content discussed throughout the book, an entire chapter is devoted to bowel and bladder management in children.

Hardbound, 656 Pages

Published: December 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-03135-6


  • 1. Introductory Concepts

    2. Physiology of Voiding

    3. Assessment and Management of Acute or Transient Urinary Incontinence

    4. Pathology & Management of Stress Incontinence

    5. Pathology & Management of Overactive Bladder

    6. Pathology & Management of Functional Incontinence

    7. Pathology & Management Reflex Incontinence/Neurogenic Bladder

    8. Pathology & Management of Acute and Chronic Urinary Retention

    9. Pathology & Management of Postprostatectomy Incontinence NEW!

    10. Current Concepts in Catheter Management

    11. Management of Urinary Incontinence: Skin Care, Containment Devices, Catheters, Absorptive Products

    12. Assessment of Patient with Urinary Incontinence

    13. Physiology of Bowel Function

    14. Pathology & Management of Bowel Dysfunction

    15. Assessment & Management of Patients with Fecal Incontinence and Related Bowel Dysfunction

    16. Bowel and Bladder Management in Children


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