Urban Planning Practice In Developing Countries book cover

Urban Planning Practice In Developing Countries

Focuses on the key issues of urban planning practice in Asia's developing countries by describing and appraising a selection of the most significant planning studies or projects carried out in the last 20 years. These case studies have been specially written so that the emphasis is on planning practice and form the major part of the book. The editors contribute the conceptual and philosophical frame of reference with which this volume opens, as well as the final chapter which summarizes the lessons to be learned.

Of interest to students of urban and regional planning, human settlements; practitioners of planning and personnel of international agencies.


Published: February 1982

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-022225-7


  • (partial) An Overview: Problems and issues in Asian urban areas and the response of planning practice, J L Taylor & D G Williams

    Criteria for evaluating urban planning and programmes, J L Taylor & D G Williams

    Selected Case Studies: The Karachi Development Programme, 1976-1985: an interim appraisal, J Herbert

    Case study of a relocated capital: Ankara, I Tekeli & T Okyay

    Durgapur: case study of an Indian new town, K C Sivaramakrishnan

    Towns for plantation agriculture: Pahang Tenggara, Malaysia, J L Taylor & D G Williams

    Settlement prospects in China: a rural case study, R Kirkby

    Public housing in the city states of Hong Kong and Singapore, Y-M Yeung & D W Drakakis-Smith

    Up-grading of low-income residential areas in Jakarta and Manila, J L Taylor & D G Williams

    Malaysian urban development authority - a case study, P Amato

    Singapore's area licence scheme: results and lessons, E Holland & B Watson. Health programmes directed to urban squatter populations, S S Basta

    Principal Conclusions

    Biographical Notes.


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