Urban Discharges & Receiving Water Quality Impacts

Edited by

  • J. B. Ellis, Urban Pollution Research Centre, Middlesex Polytechnic, UK

The identification and resolution of water quality impacts on receiving waters from urban discharges are now regarded as national priority targets by most water authorities throughout the world. These seminar proceedings provide an international perspective of the scale and nature of receiving water quality problems faced by the water industry. The papers highlight the significance of source, sewer and in-stream loadings on both short- and long-term receiving water quality control, rehabilitation and operational management are reviewed in a national context, and methods for developing wet weather criteria are described in detail. The papers bring together principles and techniques of interest to the urban hydrologist, sewerage engineer, water quality scientist and water manager.
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For water technologists, urban hydrologists, sewage engineers and civil engineers.


Book information

  • Published: June 1989
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-037376-8

Table of Contents

(partial) Seminar Papers: Overflow quantity, quality and receiving water impact, P Harremoes. Biological assessment of effects of combined sewer overflows and storm water discharges, L Lijklema et al. Rehabilitation and sewer flow quality: an approach to river basin management and the achievement of quality objectives, J M Tyson & I T Clifforde. Urban discharges and water quality criteria: towards the development of wet weather criteria, J L Mancini. Regulating loads to receiving waters: control practices for combined sewer overflows in Japan, E Nakamura. General Papers: Hydraulic performance and control of pollutants discharged from a combined sewer storage overflow, A J Saul & R C Thornton. Urban stormwater reduction and quality improvement through the use of permeable pavements, C J Pratt et al. River quality models for consent setting in England and Wales, C P Crockett et al. River catchment management: an approach to the derivation of quality standards for farm pollution and storm sewage discharges, K Whitelaw & J F De L G Solbe. Water quality indices for the management of surface water quality, M A House & D H Newsome. The application of a water quality index to river management, J M Tyson & M A House. Index.