Unstable States in the Continuous Spectra. Analysis, Concepts, Methods and Results book cover

Unstable States in the Continuous Spectra. Analysis, Concepts, Methods and Results

Advances in Quantum Chemistry presents surveys of current developments in this rapidly developing field. With invited reviews written by leading international researchers, each presenting new results, it provides a single vehicle for following progress in this interdisciplinary area.

Quantum chemists, physical chemists, physicists

Hardbound, 564 Pages

Published: October 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-380900-1


    1. Unstable states: from quantum mechanics to statistical physics - Ivana Paidarova & Philippe Durand
    2. Unstable States in Laser Assisted and Controlled Molecular Processes - O. Atabek, Roland Lefebvre & Nguyen-Dang
    3. Coherence Effects in Laser-Induced Continuum Structure - Ioannis Thanopulos & Moshe Shapiro
    4. Theory and State-Specific Methods for the Analysis and Computation of
      Field-Free and Field-Induced Unstable States in Atoms and Molecules - Cleanthes A. Nicolaides
    5. Normal Form Theory and Transition States in Phase Space - Stephen Wiggins & Arseni Goussev
    6. The State-Specific Expansion Approach to the Solution of the Polyelectronic
      Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation for Atoms and Molecules in Unstable States - Cleanthes A. Nicolaides, Theodoros Mercouris and Yannis Komninos
    7. Theory of resonant states: An exact analytical
      approach for open quantum systems - Gaston Garcia-Calderon
    8. Photon Wavepackets in Free Space - Gernot Alber, Magdalena Stobinska & G. Leuchs
    9. Long-Time Deviations from Exponential Decay - Gonzalo Muga, Donald W.L. Sprung, Joan Martorell & E. Torrontegui


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