Unifying Concepts in Granular Media and Glasses

From the Statistical Mechanics of Granular Media to the Theory of Jamming

Edited by

  • Antonio Coniglio, University of Napels "Federico II", Napels, Italy
  • Annalisa Fierro, University of Napels "Federico II", Napels, Italy
  • Hans Herrmann, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Mario Nicodemi, University of Napels "Federico II", Napels, Italy

Deep connections are emerging in the physics of non-thermal systems,such as granular media, and other "complex systems" such as glass formers, spin glasses, colloids or gels. This book discusses the unifying physical theories, developed in recent years, for the description of these systems. The special focus of the book is on recent important developments in the formulation of a Statistical Mechanics approach to granular media and the description of out-of-equilibrium dynamics, such as "jamming" phenomena, ubiquitous in these "complex systems". The book collects contributions from leading researchers in these fields, providing both an introduction, at a graduate level, to these rapidly developing subjects and featuring an up to date, self contained, presentation of theoretical and experimental developments for researchers in areas ranging from Chemistry, to Engineering and Physical Sciences.
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Book information

  • Published: June 2004
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-51607-7

Table of Contents

PrefaceTable of contents
Part I. Granular mediaThe Properties of Jamming at Zero Temperature, by L.E. Silbert, C.S. O'Hern, A.J. Liu and S.R. NagelA basis for the statistical mechanics of granular systems, by S.F. Edwards, J. Brujic and H.A. MakseA possible experimental test of the thermodynamic approach to granular media, by D.S. Dean and A. LefevreMemory and Kovacs effects in the parking-lot model: an approximate statistical-mechanical treatment, by G. Tarjus and P. ViotStatistical Mechanics of jamming and segregation in granular media, by M. Nicodemi, A. Coniglio, A. de Candia, A. Fierro, M. Pica Ciamarra and M. TarziaGranular compaction, by D. Bideau, P. Philippe, P. Ribière and P. RichardExperiments in randomly agitated granular assemblies close to the jamming transition, by G. Caballero, A. Lindner, G. Ovarlez, G. Reydellet, J. Lanuza and E. ClementAn oscillator in the granular matter, by G. D'Anna and P. MayorSegregation phases in a vibrated binary granular layer, by P.M. Reis, T. Mullin and G. EhrhardtShaken, not stirred: why gravel packs better than bricks, by A. Mehta and J.M. Luck
Part II.Thermal glassy systemsOn pre-asymptotic aging in finite dimensional spin glasses, by S. Franz, V. Lecomte and R. MuletStimulated and spontaneous relaxation in glassy systems, by F. RitortHeterogeneities in the Dynamics of Supercooled Water, by N. Giovambattista, M.G. Mazza, S.V. Buldyrev, F.W. Starr and H.E. StanleyGlass States in Dense Attractive Micellar Systems, F. Mallamace, M. Broccio, W.R. Chen, A. Faraone, and S.H. ChenShort-ranged attractive colloids: What is the gel state?, by E. Zaccarelli, F. Sciortino, S.V. Buldyrev, P. TartagliaStructural arrest in chemical and colloidal gels, by E. Del Gado, A. Fierro, L. de Arcangelis, and A. ConiglioSchematic Mode Coupling Theories for Shear Thinning, Shear Thickening, and Jamming, by M. E. Cates, C. B. Holmes, M. Fuchs and O. Henrich
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