Underwater Repair Technology book cover

Underwater Repair Technology

This book provides an overview of the techniques available to the offshore industry for the joining and repair of offshore structures. The last few years have seen many developments in underwater engineering technology where a wide range of welding techniques, and the necessary associated equipment, are now available for underwater joining procedures in the offshore industry.

The extraction of hydrocarbons from offshore reserves is now a worldwide industry, with activity on every continent. There are huge steel and concrete structures standing in 200 metres of water, with more innovative designs, such as tethered platforms capable of operating in deeper waters, and with 1000 metre reserves currently being considered. New materials - stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, aluminium, Monel, coated materials, and non-metallic materials such as reinforced plastics are beginning to be used in significant quantities. Joining and inspection techniques have been greatly developed, and new design concepts have been brought into use.

Concentrating on repair technology the author presents a survey of the techniques available for the fabrication, repair and modification of structures underwater. His book is an important reference for those working in the international offshore engineering industry, and will also be of value to universities and training establishments offering courses on marine technology.

Those working in the international offshore engineering industry and universities and training establishments offering courses on marine technology

Hardbound, 128 Pages

Published: April 2000

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-239-1


  • Offshore structures, materials and standards; Joining of underwater structures without the use of underwater welding; Underwater engineering processes for fabrication operations; Underwater welding technology; Manual hyperbaric welding techniques; Alternatives to saturation diving for deep water applications; Deep water arc welding processes; Alternatives to arc welding for deep water joining operations; Conclusions. Appendices: Oceanography; Diving technology; Hyperbaric welding research techniques.


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