Understanding and Improving the Durability of Textiles

Edited by

  • Patricia Annis, University of Georgia, USA

The ability of a fabric to resist wear is an essential aspect of its performance. Understanding and improving the durability of textiles provides a comprehensive guide to the factors affecting the durability of a range of different textiles.

Part one addresses the different factors that affect textile durability, including the influence of fabric construction and fibre type, as well as properties affecting strength and dimensional stability. Colour fastness and the effects of light are discussed, along with methods for testing and improving wrinkle-resistance and textile durability. Part two goes on to explore the durability of particular types of textile including antimicrobial textiles, protective clothing, historic textiles, silk and geotextiles.

With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors, Understanding and improving the durability of textiles is an indispensable book for textile scientists, technologists, engineers and those designing, testing and manufacturing textiles. It also provides a comprehensive guide to textile durability for researchers and academics of all levels in this sector.
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Textile scientists; Technologists; Engineers and those designing and manufacturing textiles; Academics and researchers in the textile field


Book information

  • Published: September 2012
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-85709-087-4

Table of Contents

Part 1 Aspects of textile durability: The influence of fabric construction and fibre type on textile durability: Woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics; Strength properties of fabrics: Understanding, testing and enhancing fabric strength; Dimensional stability of fabrics: Resistance to shrinkage and other dimensional changes; Durable press treatments to improve the durability and wrinkle-resistance of cotton and other fabrics; Colour fastness of fabrics: Mechanisms and testing; Effects of light exposure on textile durability; Testing textile durability. Part 2 Durability of particular types of textile: Durable antimicrobial textiles: Types, finishes and applications; Durability of protective clothing; Durability of historic textiles; Silk durability and degradation; Durable geotextiles.