Uncooled Infrared Imaging Arrays and Systems, 47 book cover

Uncooled Infrared Imaging Arrays and Systems, 47

Hardbound, 341 pages

Published: October 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-752155-8


  • G. Buser and M.F. Tompsett, Historical Overview. P.W. Kruse, Principles of Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Arrays. A. Wood, Monolithic Silicon Resistive Microbolometer Arrays. C. Hanson, Hybrid Pyroelectric/Ferroelectric Bolometer Arrays. D.L. Polla and J.R. Choi, Monolithic Pyroelectric Bolometer Arrays. N. Teranishi, Thermoelectric Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Array. M.F. Tompsett, Pyroelectric Vidicon. T.W. Kenny, Tunneling Infrared Sensors. J.R. Vig, R.L. Filler, and Y. Kim, Application of Quartz Microresonators to Uncooled IR Imaging Arrays. Subject Index.


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