Tunnelling in Weak Rocks book cover

Tunnelling in Weak Rocks

Vast knowledge has been developed in the area of tunnelling in weak rocks over the years, and this book bridges an important gap by bringing all the information together for the benefit of the tunnelling Industry. In particular, tunnelling in poor conditions is a huge challenge for engineers and designers, and this book tackles all typical problems headon.Topics covered include classification approach, design approaches for site-specific grounds, a new invention on shielded tunnel boring machine, case histories, tunnel mechanics, risk engineering and management culture.

Highly trained and experienced civil engineers, transport planners, building services, environmental disciplines, architects and quantity surveyors

Included in series
Geo-Engineering Book Series

Hardbound, 512 Pages

Published: June 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044987-6


  • 1. Introduction
    2. Application Of Geophysics In Tunnelling And Site Survey Activities
    3. Terzaghi's Rock Load Theory
    4. Rock Mass Rating (RMR)
    5. Rock Mass Quality Q
    6. Rock Mass Number
    7. Strength Of Discontinuities
    8. Strength Enhancement Of Rock Mass Intunnels
    9. New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM)
    10. Norwegian Method Of Tunnelling (NMT)
    11. Blasting For Tunnels And Roadways
    12. Rock Bolting
    13. Tunnelling Hazards
    14. Tunnel Instrumentation
    15. Tunnelling Machines
    16. Rock Mass Quality For Tunnel Boring Machines (QTBM)
    17. Metro Tunnels
    18. Tunnelling In Swelling Rocks
    19. Tunnelling Through Squeezing Ground Condition
    20. Case History Of Tunnel In Squeezing Ground
    21. Tunnels In Seismic Area
    22. Rock Burst In Tunnels
    23. Pressure Tunnels
    24. Shafts
    25. Half Tunnels
    26. Contractual Risk Sharing
    27. Rate Of Tunnelling
    28. Integrated Method Of Tunnelling
    29. Critical State Rock Mechanics And Its Applications


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