Tsunamiites - Features and Implications

Edited by

  • Tsunemasa Shiki, Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Yoshinobu Tsuji, Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • K. Minoura, Professor, Tohoku University, Japan
  • T. Yamazaki

This book is an overview of the state-of-the art developments in sedimentology of tsunami-induced and tsunami-affected deposits, namely tsunamiites. It also highlights new problems and issues calling for additional investigation, and provides insight into the direction for future tsunamiite researches.
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Scientists and Researchers of various fields with an interest in the sedimentology of tsunami records.


Book information

  • Published: June 2008
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-51552-0

Table of Contents

Introduction - why a book on tsunamiites. (T. Shiki, k. Minoura, Y. Tsuji and T. Yamazaki). The term "tsunamiite" (T. Shiki and T. Yamazaki). Tsunamis and tsunami sedimentology. (D. Sugawara, K. Minoura and F. Imamura). Sedimentary characteristics and depositional processes of onshore tsunami deposits : An Example of sedimentation associated with the July 12, 1993 Bedforms and sedimentry structures characterizing tsunami deposits (O. Fujiwara). Sedimentary characteristics and depositional processes of onshore tsunami deposits: an example of sedimentation associated with the July 12, 1993 Hokkaido-Nansei-oki earthquake (F. Nanayama). Deposits of the 1992 Nicaragua Tsunami (B. Higman and J. Bourgeois). Distribution and significances of the Indian Ocean tsunami deposits - Initial results from Thailand and Srilanka (K. Goto). Thickness and grain-size distribution of Indian Ocean tsunami depositsdistributed in the Khao Lak and Phra Thong Island, south-eastern Thailand (S. Fujino, H. Naruse, A. Suphawajruksakul, T. Jarupangsakul, M.Maruyama and N. Ichihara). Tsunami depositional processes reflecting the waveform in a small bay - Interpretation from ther grain-size distribution and sedimentary structures.(O. Fijiwara and T. Kamataki). Offshore tractive current deposition: the forgotten tsunami sedimentation process (A. Dawson and I. Stewart). Volcanism-induced tsunamis and tsunamiites (Y. Nishimura). Deep-sea homogenites : Sedimentay expression of a prehistric megatsunami in the eastern Mediterranean.(M. B. Cita). Tsunami-affected sedimentary properties of the Mediterranean homogenites as an Modern example of deep-sea tsunamiite (T. Shiki and M.B. Cita). A possible tsunamiite at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary in Pernambco basin, northeastern Brazil - Reappraisal of field data and conceptual descriptions (G. A. Albertao and P. P. Martins)Deep-sea tsunami deposits in the Proto-Caribbean sea at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary (K. Goto, R.Tada, E.Tajika, and T. Matsui). The generation of oceanic impact craters and impact-generated tsunami deposits. (K. Goto). Tsunami boulder deposits. (A. Scheffers). Characteristic features of tsunamiites.(T. Shiki, T. Tachibana, O. Fujiwara, K. Goto, F. Nanayama and T. Yamazaki). Sedimentology of tsunamiites reflecting chaotic events in the geological records - significance and problems.(T. Shiki and T. Tachibana). Introduction to a tsunami deposits data base (B. Keating and C. Helesley and M.Wanink). BIBLIOGRAPHY. AUTHOR INDEX