Troubleshooting Analog Circuits


  • Robert Pease, National Semiconductor Corporation

Based on the author's popular series in EDN Magazine, the book contains a wealth of information on debugging and troubleshooting analog circuits. In this book, you'll find advice on using simple equipment to troubleshoot (would you believe an ordinary AM radio?); step-by-step procedures for analog troubleshooting methods; and generous helpings of the author's unique insights, humor, and philosophy on analog circuits.
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Electronics engineers and technicians working with Digital and Analog electronics


Book information

  • Published: June 1991
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-9499-5


Combining his expertise as a senior scientist at National Semiconductor with a sense of humor and easy writing style, Pease has produced an excellent guide to analog circuit troubleshooting. - Library Journal 2004

Table of Contents

Introduction; Troubleshooting linear circuits - The beginning; Choosing the right equipment; Getting down to the component level; Solving capacitor-based troubles; Preventing material and assembly problems; Solving active-component problems; Identifying transistor troubles; Operational amplifiers - the supreme activators; Quashing spurious oscillations; The analog-digital boundary; Troubleshooting charts; Appendices