Trends in Mathematical Psychology book cover

Trends in Mathematical Psychology

This volume comprises a selection of the papers presented at the 14th European Mathematical Psychology Group Meeting, held in Brussels, and three invited lectures. Presented are results and developments in mathematical psychology, especially in the theory of perception and learning, order and measurement, and data analysis.

Included in series
Advances in Psychology


Published: June 1984

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-87512-9


  • Sections: I. Perception, Learning and Memory. II. Order and Measurement. III. Data Analysis. Invited Lectures: In Searching of General Regularities of Adaptation Dynamics: On the Transformation Learning Theory (V.F. Venda). Applications of the Theory of Meaningfulness to Order and Matching Experiments (F.S. Roberts). Outline of a Theory of Brightness, Color and Form Perception (S. Grossberg).


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