Trees and Forests - A Color Guide

Biology, Pathology, Propagation, Silviculture, Surgery, Biomes, Ecology, Conservation

Edited by

  • Bryan G. Bowes, Formerly Senior Lecturer at the Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, University of Glasgow, UK.

Trees are a dominant feature of life on earth, and yet are under severe threat. The aim of this timely volume is to gather together aspects of trees, forests, their development, environments and ecology that are usually considered separately. Chapters deal with various world habitats, ranging from northern coniferous forests to tropical rainforests. Topics include tree morphology, diseases and pests, forest ecology, management, surgery, propagation and conservation. Concise text is illustrated throughout by color photos, diagrams and summary tables.

Trees and Forests-A Color Guide is designed to appeal to professionals and students in plant science, plant biology, ecology and conservation, to those working in forestry and arboriculture and to interested non-specialist readers.

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Professionals and students in plant science, plant biology, ecology and conservation, forestry and arboriculture.


Book information

  • Published: March 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-382173-7

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to Woody Habit

Section 2: World Distribution of Forests

  • Northern boreal and montane coniferous forests
  • Temperate rain and deciduous forests
  • Temperate mixed evergreen forests
  • Tropical and sub-tropical rain and dry forests

Section 3: Tree Morphology, Anatomy and Histology

Section 4: Tree Pathology

  • Cell wall polymers and infection
  • The effect of fungal bacterial and viral pathogens on important plantation and forest trees
  • Insect or other infestations of important plantation and forest trees

Section 5: Forest Ecology and Management, Tree Surgery, Propagation and Conservation

  • General forest ecological processes
  • Silvicultural systems and management
  • Tree pruning and surgery
  • Tree propagation for forestry and aboriculture
  • Forest and woodland conservation