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Travel Medicine, 3rd Edition, by Dr. Jay S. Keystone, Dr. Phyllis E. Kozarsky, Dr. David O. Freedman, Dr. Hans D. Nothdruft, and Dr. Bradley A. Connor, prepares you and your patients for any travel-related illness they may encounter. Consult this one-stop resource for best practices on everything from immunizations and pre-travel advice to essential post-travel screening. From domestic cruises to far-flung destinations, this highly regarded guide offers a wealth of practical guidance on all aspects of travel medicine.

"This is an excellent reference source that contains words of wisdom which covers an area of medicine which can sometimes get lost on the radar screen. It is undoubtedly very useful for these questions that are thrown at us when faced with a patient with a travel medicine issue."

Reviewed by: Dr Harry Brown  Date: June 2014


Hardbound, 576 Pages

Published: December 2012

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-1076-8


  • Contents

    Section 1: The Practice of Travel Medicine

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Travel Medicine XXX

    Chapter 2 Epidemiology: Morbidity and Mortality in Travelers XXX

    Chapter 3 Starting, Organizing, and Marketing a Travel Clinic XXX

    Chapter 4 Sources of Travel Medicine Information XXX

    Section 2: The Pre-travel Consultation

    Chapter 5 Pre-Travel Consultation XXX

    Chapter 6 Water Disinfection for International Travelers XXX

    Chapter 7 Insect Protection XXX

    Chapter 8 Travel Medical Kits XXX

    Section 3: Immunization

    Chapter 9 Principles of Immunization XXX

    Chapter 10 Routine Adult Vaccines and Boosters XXX

    Chapter 11 Routine Travel Vaccines: Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Influenza XXX

    Chapter 12 Special Adult Travel Vaccines: Yellow Fever, Meningococcal,
    Japanese Encephalitis, TBE, Rabies, Polio, Cholera XXX

    Chapter 13 Pediatric Travel Vaccinations XXX

    Section 4: Malaria

    Chapter 14 Malaria: Epidemiology and Risk to the Traveler XXX

    Chapter 15 Malaria Chemoprophylaxis XXX

    Chapter 16 Self-diagnosis and Self-treatment of Malaria by the Traveler XXX

    Chapter 17 Approach to the Patient with Malaria XXX

    Section 5: Travelers’ Diarrhea

    Chapter 18 Epidemiology of Travelers’ Diarrhea XXX

    Chapter 19 Prevention of Travelers’ Diarrhea XXX

    Chapter 20 Clinical Presentation and Management of Travelers’ Diarrhea XXX

    Chapter 21 Persistent Travelers’ Diarrhea XXX

    Section 6: Travelers with Special Needs

    Chapter 22 The Pregnant and Breastfeeding Traveler XXX

    Chapter 23 The Pediatric and Adolescent Traveler XXX

    Chapter 24 The Older Traveler XXX

    Chapter 25 The Physically Challenged Traveler XXX

    Chapter 26 The Travelers with Pre-existing Disease XXX

    Chapter 27 The Immunocompromised Traveler XXX

    Chapter 28 The Traveler with HIV XXX

    Chapter 29 The Corporate and Executive Traveler XXX

    Chapter 30 International Adoption XXX

    Chapter 31 Visiting Friends and Relatives XXX

    Section 7: Travelers with Special Itineraries

    Chapter 32 Expatriates XXX

    Chapter 33 The Migrant Patient XXX

    Chapter 34 Humanitarian Aid Workers XXX

    Chapter 35 Expedition Medicine XXX

    Chapter 36 Medical Tourism XXX

    Chapter 37 Cruise Ship Travel XXX

    Chapter 38 Mass Gatherings XXX

    Section 8: Environmental Aspects of Travel Medicine

    Chapter 39 High-Altitude Medicine XXX

    Chapter 40 Diving Medicine XXX

    Chapter 41 Extremes of Temperature and Hydration XXX

    Chapter 42 Jet Lag XXX

    Chapter 43 Motion Sickness XXX

    Chapter 44 The Aircraft Cabin Environment XXX

    Section 9: Health Problems while Traveling

    Chapter 45 Bites, Stings, and Envenoming Injuries XXX

    Chapter 46 Food-borne Illness XXX

    Chapter 47 Injuries and Injury Prevention XXX

    Chapter 48 Psychiatric Disorders of Travel XXX

    Chapter 49 Travelers’ Thrombosis XXX

    Chapter 50 Healthcare Abroad XXX

    Chapter 51 Personal Security and Crime Avoidance XXX

    Section 10: Post-travel Care

    Chapter 52 Post-travel Screening XXX

    Chapter 53 Fever in Returned Travelers XXX

    Chapter 54 Skin Diseases XXX

    Chapter 55 Eosinophilia XXX

    Chapter 56 Respiratory Infections XXX

    Appendix: Popular Destinations XXX

    Index XXX


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