Trauma Care book cover

Trauma Care

A Team Approach

Real-life case studies are used in delivering practical advice and information on specific aspects of care delivery and risk management. The experience of the patient is the main focus, making this an invaluable text for all those involved in the trauma and recovery process.

Paperback, 416 Pages

Published: July 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-3502-8


  • Part I The patient's experience of trauma: What is trauma?; Fracture healing and principles of fracture management; The physiological effects of trauma; The psychological effects of trauma; The causes and effects of trauma - the child; The causes and effects of trauma - the young adult; The causes and effects of trauma in mid life; The causes and effects of trauma - the older person; Part II The continuum of trauma care: The Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools; Pre-hospital assessment and treatment; The 'golden hour'; Principles of trauma care in intensive care; Complications of trauma; Rehabilitation; Trauma and mental health; Part III The needs of the injured person: Diagnostic investigations in trauma; The impact of trauma on the respiratory system; Pain management; Nutrition; Tissue Viability, wound assessment and infection control; Elimination; Hygiene and mouth care; Casts, splints and traction; Moving and handling; The consequences of altered body image following trauma; Communication - the foundation of successful care; Part IV Role clarification and teamwork: The role of the primary nurse in managing care; Physiotherapy following injury; The role of the occupational therapist in trauma care; Collaborative practice; Discharge planning; Part V Political, environmental and organizational issues: Trauma Centres or Trauma Systems?; Leadership in the context of acute care; Strategic and operational issues in service delivery; Creating the optimum learning environment; Risk Management; Legal Issues; The hospital series (poems for the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford).


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