Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering

  • MGH Bell, Professor of Transport Operations, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    • AD May, Professor of Transport Engineering, Leeds University, UK
      • CA Nash, Professor of Transport Economics, Leeds University, UK
        • GR Leake, Formerly Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering, Leeds University, UK
          • PW Bonsall, Professor of Transport Planning, Institute of Transport Studies, Leeds University, UK
          • Edited by

            • Coleman A. O'Flaherty, Professor Emeritus, University of Tasmania, Australia

            'Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering' is a comprehensive textbook on the relevant principles and practice. It includes sections on transport policy and planning, traffic surveys and accident investigation, road design for capacity and safety, and traffic management. Clearly written and illustrated, the book is ideal reading for students of transport, transport planning, traffic engineering and road design.This new book, written by senior academics in the field of transport, is a worthy successor to the widely acclaimed first volume of O'Flaherty's Highways. The content has been expanded and thoroughly updated to reflect the many changes that have taken place in this topical area.
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            Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of transport and traffic engineering - on civil engineering, transport and planning degrees. Professionals in town planning and transport management; academic libraries


Book information

  • Published: November 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-340-66279-3


"It is not only a good textbook but also a valuable resource book" Municipal Engineer "Provides a valuable reference for students of transport engineering." London Transport Planning "...the contents are extremely comprehensive...once again, Prof. O Flaherty has compiled an invaluable compendium and overview of information which contains at least something of value for students studying any aspect of highways, traffic or transport..." Proceedings of the Chartered Institute of Transport, Vol. 7, No. 4,

Table of Contents

1:Evolution of the transport task * 2:Transport administration and planning * 3:Transport policy * 4:Economic and environmental appraisal of transport improvement projects * 5:Principles of transport analysis and forecasting * 6:Transport planning strategies * 7:Developing the parking plan * 8:Planning for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people * 9:Technologies for urban, inter-urban and rural passenger transport systems * 10:Planning for public transport * 11:Freight transport planning - an introduction * 12:Issues in survey design * 13:Observational traffic surveys * 14:Participatory transport surveys* 15: Accident prevention, investigation and reductions * 16:Introduction to traffic flow theory * 17:Road capacity and design standard approaches to road design * 18:Road accidents * 19:Geometric design of streets and * 20:Intersection design and capacity * 21:Introduction to computer-aided design of streets and highways * 22:Design of off-street parking facilities * 23:Road lighting * 24:Regulatory measures of traffic management * 25:Physical methods of traffic control * 26:Traffic signal control at intersections * 27:Signal control in networks * 28:Driver information systems.