Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems book cover

Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems

Engineering students in a wide variety of engineering disciplines from mechanical and chemical to biomedical and materials engineering must master the principles of transport phenomena as an essential tool in analyzing and designing any system or systems wherein momentum, heat and mass are transferred. This textbook was developed to address that need, with a clear presentation of the fundamentals, ample problem sets to reinforce that knowledge, and tangible examples of how this knowledge is put to use in engineering design. Professional engineers, too, will find this book invaluable as reference for everything from heat exchanger design to chemical processing system design and more.

Senior undergraduate/graduate students in mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering; students in physical and life sciences taking courses in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and transport phenomena


Published: May 2006

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-370610-2


  • ......this is the first textbook to "truly address transport phenomena in the context of all such phase changes, and to do so from a fundamental viewpoint, with analytical and numerical approaches, with an eye toward emerging technologies.-Mechanical Engineering, January 2007


  • Contents: Introduction to Transport Phenomena; Thermodynamics of Multiphase Systems; Generalized Governing Equations: Local Instance Formulations; Generalized Governing Equations; Averaging Formulations; Solid-Liquid-Vapor Phenomena and Interfacial Heat and Mass Transfer; Melting and Solidification; Sublimation and Vapor Deposition; Condensation; Evaporation; Boiling; Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer; 1064 pages, 403 figures, 292 problems and 62 examples.


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