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Transport in Biological Media

Transport in Biological Media is a solid resource of mathematical models for researchers across a broad range of scientific and engineering problems such as the effects of drug delivery, chemotherapy, or insulin intake to interpret transport experiments in areas of cutting edge biological research. A wide range of emerging theoretical and experimental mathematical methodologies are offered by biological topic to appeal to individual researchers to assist them in solving problems in their specific area of research. Researchers in biology, biophysics, biomathematics, chemistry, engineers and clinical fields specific to transport modeling will find this resource indispensible.


Researchers, Academic Libraries, University Labs, Faculty and Advanced Grad Students

Hardbound, 570 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-415824-5


  • "Biochemists and biochemical engineers present interdisciplinary modeling strategies and theoretical tools that are used to understand the diverse phenomena associated with transport within biological media."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013


  • Chapter 1: Modeling momentum and mass transport in cellular biological media: from the molecular to the tissue scale

    Chapter 2:Thermal pain in tooth: heat transfer, thermomechanics, and ion transport

    Chapter 3: Drug Release in Biological Tissues

    Chapter 4: Transport of Water and Solutes across Endothelial Barriers and Tumor Cell Adhesion in the Microcirculation

    Chapter 5: Carrier Mediated Transport through Biomembranes

    Chapter 6: Blood flow through capillary networks

    Chapter 7: Models of Cerebrovascular Perfusion

    Chapter 8: Mechanobiology of the Arterial Wall

      Chapter 9: Shear Stress Variation and Plasma Viscosity Effect in Microcirculation

      Chapter 10: Targeted Drug Delivery: Multifunctional Nanoparticles and Direct Micro-drug Delivery to Tumors

      Chapter 11: Electrotransport across Membranes in Biological Media: Electrokinetic Theories and Applications in Drug Delivery

      Chapter 12: Mass transfer phenomena in electroporation

      Chapter 13: Modeling of cell electroporation and its measurable effects in tissue

      Chapter 14: Modeling Intracellular Transport in Neurons


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