Transgenic Animal Technology

A Laboratory Handbook

Edited By

  • Carl Pinkert, The University of Alabama, Birmingham, U.S.A.

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Researchers, students, technicians, and administrators in academic, government, and industrial laboratories in life science, biomedical science, agricultural science, and biotechnology.


Book information

  • Published: January 1994
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-557165-4


"First and foremost, this is a book for everyone interested in technology. The contributing authors have gone to great lengths to make the methodology clear and understandable to anyone with a working knowledge of molecularbiology and embryology. Each chapter is well-illustrated with diagrams and photographs and is accompanied by an extensive bibliography. Potential problems and possible solutions are discussed in detail. The second unique aspect of this book is its state of the art coverage of transgenesis in vertebrate animal species other than mice... Each chapter is well integrated with the others and is sufficiently detailed to be useful. The editor and contributing authors are to be congratulated for putting this information together in an easy accessible format which is sure to stimulate further interest and development in the field."

"Transgenic Animal Technology is a laboratory manual that documents detailed methods required toaccomplish the gene transfers necessary to produce animals with altered genetic characteristics."

Table of Contents

Overview:C.A. Pinkert, Introduction to Transgenic Animals.Transgenic Animal Production Focusing on the Mouse Model:H.G. Polites and C.A. Pinkert, Transgenic Animal Production Using DNA Microinjection.P. Overbeek, Factors Affecting Transgenic Animal Production.T. Doetschman, Gene Transfer in Embryonic Stem Cells.P.A. Wood, Retrovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer.G.M. Monastersky, Gene Transfer Technology: Alternative Techniques and Applications.B.T. Tinkle, C.J. Bieberich, and G. Jay, Molecular Approaches Involved in Mammalian Gene Transfer: Analysis of Transgene Integration.C.J. Bieberich, L. Ngo, and G. Jay, Molecular Approaches Involved in Mammalian Gene Transfer: Analysis of Transgene Expression.Production of Transgenic Laboratory and Domestic Animal Species:J.M. Robl and J.K. Heideman, Production of Transgenic Rabbits and Rats.L. Cioffi, J.J. Kopchik, and H.Y. Chen, Production of TransgenicPoultry and Fish.M.J. Martin and C.A. Pinkert, Production of Transgenic Swine.C.E. Rexroad, Jr. and H.W. Hawk, Production of Transgenic Ruminants.